31 de octubre de 2009


29 de octubre de 2009

Corner View - Water

We are missing water in Córdoba these days…

The province is facing a prolonged drought, with temperatures of 45° centigrade degrees these days (we are at the beginning of the spring, there should have 25° to 30° degrees of temperature, no more).

I miss rain… real strong rain and storms…

We are hoping for a change in the weather this weekend, hopefully some heavy rain to help everything grow back.

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Corner View - My Dream

I have too many dreams… reality hits me too often…

Corner View - Love

is everywhere...

Corner View – Souvenir

There are lots of tipical souvenirs here in Córdoba… but of course I don´t have any to take pictures of… so, instead, I post a picture of a window display in Carlos Paz, a very touristic destiny if you are traveling to the Province of Córdoba.

You can see mates, little ponchos for the kids, and some traditional pottery.


I´m back…

I will be posting all my delayed corner views… and other things I have found on the way.