29 de abril de 2009

Corner View - número tres

This week theme in “Corner View” is Modes of Transportation!

I´m always taking crowded buses, and trolleybuses to move inside the city, but today I thought about trains…

I live near to an old station and I have listen to the sound of sirens and trains passing all my life. Trains in Cordoba are only freight trains, at least until now. There is a big plan of using the railroads and the existing structure to add a new way of local transportation.

I usually walk my dog following the railroads. The station and all that surrounds it are great photographic subjects!

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25 de abril de 2009

Fotografos para mirar (V) - Photographers to look at (V)

22 de abril de 2009

Corner View - número dos

This week theme for “Corner View” is breakfast, one of my favorite meals of the day!
Normally we don´t have a lot of time to eat breakfast, but in the weekends we love to have it in one of the many cafés in the city, or in our own kitchen spending all the time we can.

I usually have some toast and a latte, but in the picture you can see a more typical selection: medialunas and café con leche…. Or croissants and a cafe au lait… with fresh orange juice made with the fruit we buy in a vegetable market nearby.

But I promised you something else… Mate!

Here it is! I usually have it every day after breakfast when I´m at work, but is a very common breakfast for most of the people in Argentina… actually, we drink mate at every hour of the day!

All you need is some yerba mate, a sort of tea that is cultivated in South America. You put the leaves in a cup (also) called mate, and you insert a straw called bombilla. Then you pour hot water in it… and you drink it… just like that…

Some people add sugar to mate, or herbs and fruits that change the flavor. It´s actually very bitter… so it takes a lot of time to truly love it (little children almost never drink mate… they just don´t like it… is something that you get accustomed whit time).
But at the end, the most important thing about mate is that is a social drink… something you share with others during a conversation. One person prepares mate for a group of people; everyone has his turn to drink it, sharing the same cup and straw. This helps a lot when you are talking to someone, when he or she is drinking… is your time to talk; when you are drinking… is your time to listen.

I hope you like it!

PS: I have also posted this in my photography blog “llorar en los colectivos”
And if you want to see more pics of Córdoba you should definitely see “Fotos de Córdoba” by RANN+.

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19 de abril de 2009

15 de abril de 2009

Corner View - Número uno

This is my first picture for “Corner View” , a project that Jane, over at Spain Daily, has come up with as a way to get to know a Little bit about the world as others bloggers see it.

I´m a bit late I´m afraid… I didn’t realize there was so much time difference whit most of the blogers! But I post now anyway, knowing that I should do it earlier next wednesday…

This is the front of our house… I have been living here with my husband Rafael (and our dog “Canoa”) for the last six months. It is located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of the city, “Alta Córdoba”, a place filled with old houses like this that I find so big and tall but so cozy at the same time.

The tree in front of the house is a “Lapacho Rosado”, which blooms so beautifully every spring, filling the path with pink dots!

I hope you like it!

See you all next Wednesday for an Argentinean breakfast… (Have you tried “mate”?)

La versión en español:

Esta es mi primera foto para “Corner View”, un proyecto que Jane, de Spain Daily, ha ideado para que todos conozcamos un poco del mundo a través de la mirada de otros bloggers.
Temo que me he retrasado un poco… no me di cuenta que había tanta diferencia horaria entre todos los bloggers! Pero bueno, posteo ahora sabiendo que lo tengo que hacer más temprano el miércoles que viene…

Este es el frente de nuestra casa… vivo allí desde hace seis meses con mi marido Rafael (y nuestra perra “Canoa”). Está ubicada en uno de los barrios más tradicionales de Córdoba, “Alta Córdoba”, un lugar lleno de estas casas viejas que me parecen tan grandes y altas pero a la vez tan acogedoras.

El árbol del frente es un “Lapacho Colorado”, que florece en primavera llenando la vereda de puntos rosados!

Espero les haya gustado!

Los veré a todos el miércoles que viene para disfrutar de un desayuno argentino… (han probado el mate?)

9 de abril de 2009

Crayon rings! - siempre a mano

Otro de esos objetos que todo artista debería tener a mano, cosa de no tener escusa para no bocetar en cualquier parte!
Lindos colores, dan muchas ganas de ponérselos!
El diseñador: Timothy Liles

Fotógrafos para mirar III