8 de mayo de 2009

Corner View - Número cuatro (late but...)

This is a typical corner in Cordoba Downtown... the place where you can buy everything from clothes and shoes to food... and all you can think of. It´s a very wide area of the city where there are government buildings, historic places, and the financial and commercial district of the city.

Of course there are shopping centers and neighborhoods shops all over the city, but when you really need something you must go downtown were you will surely found it. So, if you ever come to Córdoba... be sure to book a hotel near downtown... is a must see!

Well... this is all for this week, a very busy week for me, with very little time to take interesting pictures of shopping places...

I promise you more for next week!

Other Corner Views :

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4 comentarios:

jane dijo...

Thanks Cele for showing us this! Have a nice weekend!

MODsquad dijo...

Beautiful photo!! Have a lovely weekend!

caitlin dijo...

Late, but great.. hope to see you tomorrow for the great outdoors!

aimee dijo...

hi cele!! i just joined corner view. i LOVE your city... i LOVE argentina! your post brings back wonderful memories of my trip to cordoba :)